How about some interesting information…

So here is a topic to think about…Corn.  Tonight for dinner I decided to have corn on the cob. Let me also just say, that I LOVE fresh summer corn on the cob!  In the process, I felt a little guilty because I have been under the impression that eating corn on the cob, was too full of sugars and carbs and that it really could not be considered good for you, type food to eat.  But then………I wasn’t really sure.  So as Sarah knows already… I am the Queen of Googling.  I Google EVERYTHING.  It is how I learn and find out all those things you never knew and just have to find out.  In fact there is no way, that a day passes where I haven’t googled a great many things in the course of a day.  I then googled, Corn and whether or not it is actually good for you.  What I then found was all this information….and I just thought I would post the link I found on the website.  I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Keep in mind it’s not just about how much vitamin e or c it has, it goes into a great deal more complexity and issues.   I guess perhaps, just issues in general that we all face and are subject to making decisions on what path we will choose in this life and what issues we will stand behind.  I did watch a documentary about Food Issues and was completely floored about what I actually didn’t know about our food.  By the end of the movie, I was a vegetarian and basically afraid to buy anything in the grocery store to support the evils out there.  I have since sort of calmed down some, but I am trying very hard to be more aware of the issues and in my own way be an activist of sorts as well.

I wasn’t going to watch that show The Cove, because I didn’t want to see it.  I was afraid I would be so totally freaked out by it, that I just didn’t want to watch it.  I watched it about a week ago, and in the end was glad that I did.  I DO want to be more informed and I DO want to make decisions in my life based on knowledge.

Catch up with you all more soon…


Hola my little chicas! Happy Tuesday…

Did you all have a wonderful weekend?  I sure hope so.  Just drawing your attention to a new recipe I am posting on the recipes section.  It is called Bruschetta with Peppers and Gorgonzola and it is YUMMY!  I made this for dinner tonight and it was ridiculously great.  Yes, I supposed it really is an appetizer, but I was home and I knew I would be the only one to eat it, so I just made it for dinner.  Thanks to Ina Garten from Food TV, aka Barefoot Contessa, simply Superb!!!  One side note, vegetarian, so Sarah you can eat this too!!! Happy Eating, let me know if you make it for yourselves….

Happy Friday…It’s July!!!

As this week comes to a close,  It is time for us to turn in our points to Tanner for the month of June.  I checked in with the person assigned to the Northeast which is Cindy Pool and she wanted me to mail in my stuff, instead of scanning it in and sending it that way.  Not sure why, but that was what she wanted.  I don’t know if they will all want it that way or not.

Now that we are starting July, I believe we should be able to go on the Wellness site to download the new calendar for July and the awards should be available for us to look at now….so we will see.  I haven’t looked just yet.  It would be nice to know what it is I am trying to work towards.

Last but not least…don’t forget to turn in your numbers to your team captains to put into their logs for us.  In all honestly I was somewhat shocked at how much weight some of those teams lost as their combined totals, however, just look at this project for what it is.  Make the best of it, be positive, we probably will not win the contest, but the intention for me the whole time, was not necessary to win, but to be self-aware, lose some weight, bond with all of you and at the very least, walk away with my 600 point credit for giving it a try. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and under the blog on the right for Gina’s skinny recipes, there is a new post for a watermelon martini.  Sounds yummy!


Learn a little something each day….

Sitting here sipping my coffee, looking for tidbits for all of us, I actually just learned something I never knew.  It was in an article on How to slim down your summer cocktails.  You can read all the tips if you follow this link.  The thing I learned, was that the higher the Proof of the alcohol, the higher the calories.  I NEVER knew that before. I guess it makes sense, but it just never occurred to me.  Perhaps it never did for you either.

The Voice….is more than Amazing….

The Voice is on tv now, it is the finale show.  I am telling you, if you have not been watching this new show… YOU ARE REALLY MISSING OUT!!!  It is phenomenal and it literally takes my breath away, tears of joy so many times through the season.  One of the contestants Vicki Martinez, kept talking about certain performances being Epic, and that phrasing and description is so right on!  The show is so great, you really must watch it.

Oprah’s Favorite Things…

Here is something I thought would be really fun for us.  You can all add to this in the comments.  Every year, at least I think every year, Oprah has a show to share her FAVORITE things with her listening audience.  I thought what a great idea for us to share our favorite things with each other.   Here are some of mine…

  • The Voice TV Show – Love it!!!
  • My Kindle – E Reader
  • My I Phone

Wow, I guess I actually have to think about my other new favorite things and get back to you!  I also have to post up here one of Mary’s new favorite things.  Very cool….It is an eliptical bike and word has it these are ALL the rage in California.  Of course, I am an LA girl, so it’s gotta be great.  Ask Mary more about it….

SuperFoods….Thanks Mary!

Hello ladies, Hopefully you read my post yesterday, or was it the day before?  In any case, I am still getting used to the wordpress tools and I messed up and lost it.  No worries.

Thanks to Mary for all her contributions!!  Mary added this link about Superfoods in one of her comments, however, I wanted to bring it out more clearly and also I will post it to the links on the side.

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