One day till Friday…

Howdy Pardners!  Happy Thursday!!  You will not even believe what I learned on the Today Show this morning…get ready for this….if you eat potato chips and sugary drinks and lots of butter and fat and stuff every day, you will have pounds that creep up on you over the years!!!!  I know…I couldn’t believe my ears either!  Ha ha ha.  I just thought it was kind of funny, they spent 20 years or so studying people who were at regular weight when they started and the ones who snacked on these kinds of foods over the years gained what they called “invisible” weight over the years as it creeeped up on them, vs. the people who ate healthy choices, like yogurt, nuts, vegetables etc. they did not get the weight creep.  Personally, I think it’s all been about common sense with eating choices, since long before the first Family Circle magazine came out discussing how to keep ourselves trim so that we can fit into our GoGo boots.  Ha ha ha.  I will also be the first one to tell you that I diet in moderation because what I find is that if I am dying for and craving something in the process of trying to lose weight, I just go ehead and eat it.  Usually this is something sweet for me.  Why? because I need to get past the craving and mental block that I have built up in my mind.  For me, the very second that I start feeling deprived, is the very second, I start craving EVERYTHING IN SIGHT so it really is about balance at least for me.  And the exercise makes up for the rest.  Do make sure to visit that food blog I have posted on the side, there is a new recipe for good for you lobster rolls.  The only difference I would make personally is to put it on better bread than a hot dog bun, but that’s just me, plus I would probably eat it open face too.  I do that all the time actually, if I am eating something with two buns, I take off one of the pieces of bread to save the calories, because I dont really need both sides of it.  Have a great day ladies!!!!


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