Happy Friday…It’s July!!!

As this week comes to a close,  It is time for us to turn in our points to Tanner for the month of June.  I checked in with the person assigned to the Northeast which is Cindy Pool and she wanted me to mail in my stuff, instead of scanning it in and sending it that way.  Not sure why, but that was what she wanted.  I don’t know if they will all want it that way or not.

Now that we are starting July, I believe we should be able to go on the Wellness site to download the new calendar for July and the awards should be available for us to look at now….so we will see.  I haven’t looked just yet.  It would be nice to know what it is I am trying to work towards.

Last but not least…don’t forget to turn in your numbers to your team captains to put into their logs for us.  In all honestly I was somewhat shocked at how much weight some of those teams lost as their combined totals, however, just look at this project for what it is.  Make the best of it, be positive, we probably will not win the contest, but the intention for me the whole time, was not necessary to win, but to be self-aware, lose some weight, bond with all of you and at the very least, walk away with my 600 point credit for giving it a try. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and under the blog on the right for Gina’s skinny recipes, there is a new post for a watermelon martini.  Sounds yummy!



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