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So here is a topic to think about…Corn.  Tonight for dinner I decided to have corn on the cob. Let me also just say, that I LOVE fresh summer corn on the cob!  In the process, I felt a little guilty because I have been under the impression that eating corn on the cob, was too full of sugars and carbs and that it really could not be considered good for you, type food to eat.  But then………I wasn’t really sure.  So as Sarah knows already… I am the Queen of Googling.  I Google EVERYTHING.  It is how I learn and find out all those things you never knew and just have to find out.  In fact there is no way, that a day passes where I haven’t googled a great many things in the course of a day.  I then googled, Corn and whether or not it is actually good for you.  What I then found was all this information….and I just thought I would post the link I found on the website.  I would love to hear your thoughts as well. Keep in mind it’s not just about how much vitamin e or c it has, it goes into a great deal more complexity and issues.   I guess perhaps, just issues in general that we all face and are subject to making decisions on what path we will choose in this life and what issues we will stand behind.  I did watch a documentary about Food Issues and was completely floored about what I actually didn’t know about our food.  By the end of the movie, I was a vegetarian and basically afraid to buy anything in the grocery store to support the evils out there.  I have since sort of calmed down some, but I am trying very hard to be more aware of the issues and in my own way be an activist of sorts as well.

I wasn’t going to watch that show The Cove, because I didn’t want to see it.  I was afraid I would be so totally freaked out by it, that I just didn’t want to watch it.  I watched it about a week ago, and in the end was glad that I did.  I DO want to be more informed and I DO want to make decisions in my life based on knowledge.

Catch up with you all more soon…


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  1. Anonymous
    Jul 07, 2011 @ 11:50:19

    This is a great time of year to address this food….thank you for being such a great Googler! Corn is very nutritious. It’s how we cook it and what we put on it that can be damaging. Best way to cook is steam or grill. See link below to learn more and enjoy all the delicious summer corn while it is in season (and remember to chew it well:)


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